Posted by: jen | August 28, 2008

You’re Fired!

This is to officially announce that I am firing my laundry lady.  I have not reached this decision lightly.  I have spent hours and hours deliberating.  I have carefully considered the ramifications to all involved.  I have spoken with her time and time again to no avail.  I see no other course of action.  She has left me no choice but to fire her.

Why? You ask.  Let me tell you.

I see piles and piles of dirty clothes brought into the laundry room from every room in the house.  In fact, I can’t remember a time that there weren’t piles and piles of laundry in the laundry room.  Each member of the family due-diligently brings their clothes down to be washed in the hopes that someday they will see their beloved clothes again.

I see that our laundry lady occasionally tries to get the laundry sorted and washed.  I will see attempts made and occasionally see the washer running but I never see a completion to the job.  There are still piles and piles of clothes around.

I will give her some credit that it is hard to keep up with a family of seven but at some point she needs to be serious enough about it to get it all done.  I mean, good grief!  It’s not like she has to carry it all to the creek!  She has the beautiful Whirlpool Duet laundry system.  Yes, those big, beautiful machines that really do fit three times the amount of laundry in them as the old ones did.  And yet…  She never seems to complete the job.

Well, we have had it.  We need clean clothes.  The kids are in school again and they can’t just wear swimming suits around all day any more!  There are dress codes at the school.  The children need to be clothed.

So after much deliberation we are saying good bye to our laundry lady.  I wish her well…


So now that I am fired, I think I will watch a fun movie this afternoon!!! 🙂



  1. I think that was the funniest thing I’ve read in a LONG time!! After working non-stop on laundry for the past three days, that was just the laugh I needed. Thank you, I think it might be time to find a replacement for my house too…

  2. And if you’re like me, after confessing to being so far behind on the laundry you suddenly found yourself motivated to catch up! Or maybe not. But that’s my typical pattern – moan about my laziness on my blog and then immediately do something about it!

    I hope your management-labor dispute has a satisfactory ending!

  3. I was so jealous of you that you would have a laundry lady. I thought “So that’s how she seems to do it all!”. You crack me up! I’m going to put a link to that on my blog if you don’t mind. if you do,call me and I’ll take it off! And oh yeah…are you going to hire someone else to take your place?

  4. This was one of the best reads on a blog I have seen in a long time. My “laundry lady” is OK. But then again I only have 3 kids!

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