Posted by: jen | August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin and My Thoughts…

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain introduced his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, at a raucous rally Friday, praising her “tenacity” and “skill” in tackling tough problems.

When my sweet husband sent me a text this morning asking if I had heard who John McCain chose as his running mate I answered “no” but let my mind float over the list that has been so thoroughly talked about of late.  I had a secret hope that he had chosen Mitt Romney.  I like Mitt (I apparently know him well enough to call him by his first name!).  I liked him when he came to Salt Lake to do the Olympics.  I also liked watching him as he has spent the past few years campaigning for President.

So when Dave texted back that Sarah Palin was chosen, I was surprised.  And then I smiled.  It is an interesting move, to say the least, of the Republican party.

My perception of politics is that it is more of a game where one party is constantly trying to gain the advantage over their opponent than it is about the issues of our day.  Both sides will say what needs to be said to win the election.  So without getting into the issues or perceptions of politics, I only want to ask the questions…

Is Sarah Palin qualified to be a running candidate on the presidential ticket or is she being used by the Republican party to gain the women voters left behind by Hillary?  And if she is being used, is she ok with this?  Is she ok with putting her husband and five children in the center of the spotlight when any number of things can be said to and about you to gain the upper hand?  Is this a good political move for her to further her career and does she feel a strong call of patriotism to step up and try to make great things happen for our country?  I am sure she has though through all of these points.  She seems to have a great head on her shoulders. 

My mind is flooded with questions about this woman; this mother of five children; this wife of 20 years; this woman who doesn’t have decades of public service under her belt only to be asked to serve in such a lofty position.

And yet, I smile.  I smile that come November, we will either have an African American President, Barack Obama, or Sarah Palin, our first woman Vice President.  What an amazing time to be an American.



  1. I think she felt a strong call of patriotism to step up and try to make great things happen for our country.

    Palin Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2003 – 2004 until resigning in protest over what she called the “lack of ethics” of fellow Alaskan Republican leaders. After she resigned, she exposed the state Republican Party’s chairman, one of her fellow Oil & Gas commissioners, who was accused of doing work for the party on public time, and supplying a lobbyist with a sensitive e-mail.

    She walked away from a six figure job for the sake of what was right. How many of us would do that?

  2. I don’t think see’s been in politics long enough to be as cynical and self-serving as most politicians. What little record she has is solidly conservative and she’s shown a history of ethical behavior and a spirit of public service. I look forward to watching her debate Mr. Biden in the next couple of months.

    The McCain campaign showed they know how to play the game to win with her selection. She is not naive enough to be unaware of the politcal points she helps score for the party, but she also knows that you’ve got to win the election before you can implement your policies.

  3. I think it was a very smart and unexpected move on McCains part. You know, I’m trying to learn more about politics so that I can make informed decisions. It’s hard with so much controversy. But just from what I’ve heard of her and seen of her I think I might like Palin. it will be interesting to learn more.

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