Posted by: jen | September 2, 2008

I wonder if I am an environmentalist…

I have never thought of myself as an environmentalist but maybe I am.

We used to have a little house that backed up to the back of ours that had an enormous tree in it.  I knew that there were renters that lived there and that the owner was going to tear it down and put in condos.  I wasn’t thrilled with this but thought that maybe they would save this tree.

Loosing the Tree in the back

Loosing the Tree in the back

Unfortunately, the new owner decided the tree had to go.  My heart broke as I watched this horrible machine slowly pull off each branch.  I felt like part of my own heart was dying as I watched this it slowly get torn to pieces.

End of the Tree

So I wonder, as I watched this tree be torn apart, if I am an environmentalist.  My heart was breaking and I wanted to run over and wrap my arms around the tree to make him stop.

I had an experience like this about six months ago when a neighbor cut off some branches from two of our trees and I couldn’t sleep for a week.  I just kept thinking of that poor tree and what an unneccessary loss it was.

I have also found that in the last year, I have become more and more concerned about environmental issues.  I care about how much waste my family is putting into the landfills and if it will decompose.  I care about how much electricity and gas we use (and not just for the cost).  I worry about how we are managing our stewardship over this earth we have been given.

So maybe I am an environmentalist.  Either way, I will continue to care about the earth and the living things on it.  I will teach my children to care and together as a family we will do our part to cut down on unneccessary waste and abuse.



  1. I cry every time another field is developed into houses. I recycle garden waste, kitchen scraps, and paper, and reduce packaging and reuse whatever I can.

    The label Environmentalist has such a negative connotation thanks to the extremists. But everyone needs to be more aware of waste and stewardship and how we’re using what we have, that’s for sure.

  2. I think everyone has some environmentalist in them. We need to or we will end up living in a dump. The question is are we reasonable and responsible in our environmentalism? We need to weigh environmental concerns in public policy making, but the weight we give them needs to be appropriate. There are environmentally responsible ways to drill for oil in Alaska. We should do it. There are also methods to drill that would destroy the environment. We should avoid them. But people who say no drilling, no way, no how, are simply extremists and do great harm to reasonable environmentalist causes.

  3. I have in this past year or two been a little more mindful of how much we waste as a family and have tried to be more eco-friendly too. That is sad about the tree being cut down because it ws so big and would provide a whole yard with shade. I heard it’s going to be an apartment there.

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